Finnish translation

It seems that UrBackup has not been translated to Finnish yet. I’d like to take over the effort, and I made a request to join the Finnish translation team in Transifex, but I haven’t received a confirmation yet. Is Finnish still up for grabs?

Thanks for the heads up. Made you team coordinator.

Thanks! I’ll start getting to know the tools now…

I’m basically done now, but is there any way to view the strings in context so that I can verify that the translation makes any sense at all?


Unfortunately it is difficult to test, especially for a new language.

For the client it would involve downloading the .po file from transifex and transforming it into a .mo file and then putting that into C:\Program Files\UrBackup\lang\XX.

For the server you’d need to rebuild translation.js using the scripts in the source tree:

It probably would be best to just wait for the next version and then correct problems with the next one after that.

Well, at least the client was easy enough using the file from Transifex just needed to be converted to ANSI encoding. For translation.js, if I can’t bother to install Python on my machine, I might just port the script to C# and do it that way…

I already found some things that need a bit of improvement :slight_smile:

A C# port was not too hard to make, here’s the code in case someone is interested :slight_smile:

Some useful changes: Add e.g. private static readonly IReadOnlyCollection<string> Excluded = new[] { "de" }; and exclude those on line 36, then add e.g. { "fi", "de" } to LanguageMap to replace German with your language so that it can be tested.

Also, the encoding should be specified with new UTF8Encoding(false) to exclude the BOM.

Testing the translation worked out fine and the Finnish strings should now be okay for the most part at least. Here are some miscellaneous observations I made while checking the translation:


  • The About popup menu item seems to use the Infos string meant for the log filter instead of the string that is used in e.g. the About window title.
  • The date, time and percentage formats do not seem to be localizable.
  • The OK and Cancel button texts don’t seem to be localizable.
  • Finnish words can get quite long but the windows do not scale, so I had to shorten quite a few strings by removing words that are kind of implied by context. For example, some file backup setting labels do not restate that they are about file backups since that is implied by the tab in the UI. These may become ambiguous if the labels are moved to a different context.


  • “With Selected” in Backup Status is not localizable.
  • The Show/hide columns flyout items do not fit in the panel; this affects English as well.
  • I assume there should be arrows displaying the sort direction of each column in some table, but at least on my machine these show up as placeholder box glyphs with E150, E155 and E156 in them.
  • “Volume:” and network speed and storage units in Activities are not localizable. (Also, the Volume label is shown even if there’s no volume involved, but that’s not a localization issue.)
  • The Finnish words for time units in Settings > Archive do not fit into the drop-downs.
  • “Full image backup” in Settings > Advanced > Local full image style should be localizable distinctly from the general “Full image backup” string because that string does not make very good sense in this context in Finnish.
  • “Administrator” in Settings > Users > Edit > Rights for should preferrably be distinct from “Administrator” shown in the Settings > Users table.
  • Because some words are quite long (e.g. “Tiedostomuutosvarmuuskopio” for incremental file backup), it could be useful to be able to insert soft hyphens in some of the longer words. In HTML that can be achieved using the &shy; entity but entities seem to get escaped. Would it be possible to include special cases e.g. for &shy; and &nbsp; (unless of course there is already a way to do that)?

Thanks for reporting all the issues! Will be fixed.

Dear @uroni i read your comment but i search on (translation.js) file on server and my server was linux 1- but i can’t find it even if i find it how i can rebuild to localized Arabic language .
2- For client what is the file that i must download it from transifex even i register on them site but i can’t find language file.
can you please describe the steps .

Best Regards