'Files in Queue' has very large numbers that decrease very slowly


I have 3 separate urbackup servers that are running Ubuntu 16.04.05. 2 of the 3 servers are backing up fast and building up the number of files in the queue then it take many hours for the queue to empty.

The servers are attached to a datastore and each server is running a 2.5 TB virtual storage presented for kernel and storage.

The 1 server that runs fast never builds up the queue more than a couple thousand and empties quickly when it does have file in a queue.

The servers are all VMs on VMware 6.5.

Any advice on how to make the queues flush out faster would be much appreciated.


I get that on servers with a lot of small files (> 500gb mails/svn servers).
Maybe it s worth to have a look at the stored files and setup some exceptions.

I also get that on the aws efs storage, because it needs some specific usage pattern to get some performances ou of it (parallel access with large blocks)


Most of this still applies: http://blog.urbackup.org/177/performance-considerations-for-larger-urbackup-server-instances


Having an SSD for the Program Files/UrBackup directory and another 256GB SSD for urbackup_tmp (Settings: Server: Nondefault temporary file directory) keeps the Files in queue close to zero at my sites.


It’s interesting that you suggest keeping the urbackup_tmp_files on SSD storage. I keep my database files (/var/urbackup under Linux) on SSD storage, as recommended, but I never thought about urbackup_tmp_files.

Do you see a very big difference when you store this directory on SSD storage? Does anyone else have any experience with this change?