File Integrity With Deduplication?

We’re running UrBackup server 2.2.8 on a Linux box storing to a btrfs file system.

Let’s say we have two clients running the Windows 10. If I understand deduplication, the same file(s) on each client only has one representative backup file on the UrBackup server?

What if client #2 has one of these files, but it is now corrupted (not detected at the moment) and a backup session occurs: I assume UrBackup records this difference?

If so, and if client #1 needs to be restored, would client #1 get restored with the corrupt/newer version of the file? Would there be a difference if this was a file backup vs. an image backup?

Thank you…

My understanding is the corrupt file would generate a different hash and so be seen as a new version of the file. That way only client #2 would be linked to the new, now corrupt, file and client #1 would remain linked to the original.

Thank you hippy1970