File entry index probably out of sync

I have moved my urbackup server installation from a Windows to an Linux based NAS.
Urbackup started up correctly, clients do proper backups connecte to the Internet Serrver, files are there but one client with the largest backup makes some problems.

The statistics say 700GB data backed up, which is approximiatly the amount of data on the system. Restoring data only allows my to restore some few MBs.
Starting the backup from the client shows the following message in the logs

09/14/17 10:35  	DEBUG  	GT: Loaded file "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_1126.jpg"
09/14/17 10:35  	DEBUG  	Loading file "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_1127.jpg"
09/14/17 10:35  	DEBUG  	PT: Hashing file "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_1126.jpg"
09/14/17 10:35  	DEBUG  	Entry from file entry index not found. File entry index probably out of sync. (id=7057759)

I looked into the the many folders of .directory_pool of this client and most of the files are already in there.

Any idea how I can fix the issue, otherwise this client needs to transfer the whole 700GB again, which is going to take ages over the Internet.

Stop UrBackup delete /var/urbackup/fileindex and it will rebuild it upon starting up again.

But the paths may also be off, do you have the log after migration from Windows to Linux?

die delete fileindex, restarted server and now the backup is able to link to the already existing files

what logs do you exactly need, perhaps I can get what you want, but I assume - because I did the migration a while ago they are not available any more.
the one PC I hat issues with was the last one, where the backup needed to be done after migration, and because it was lots of data I needed to investigate.