File backups stopped working

I’m running UrBackup 2.0.36.

On my server, I went into the advanced settings and unticked ‘use symlinks during incremental file backups’. I’ve since reverted this setting and no backups were made while this was unticked.

However, file backups aren’t working at all now. I can’t start an incremental file backup now. Additionally, the status screen doesn’t show the ‘File backup status’ column anymore and it isn’t available under show/hide columns.

Is there anything I can do to get file backups working again? I’m reluctant to re-install UrBackup as I have 2Tb of backed up data.

What OS? What errors is it logging when you try to start a backup?

This is on Ubuntu 16.04.

There are no errors being logged - literally nothing happens when I try to start a backup. I’ve opened the developer tools in Chrome and the browser receives what looks like a success response:
{“result”: [{
“clientid”: 5,
“start_ok”: true,
“start_type”: “incr_file”}]}

I’ve had a look in /var/log/urbackup.log and it shows nothing. It logs when I restart UrBackupSrv, but nothing is logged when I request an incremental backup.

Is debug logging turned on?

I’m sorry - I can’t see how to do that. The docs and Google only turns up debugging for the client, not the server?

Are you sure you did not accidentaly check “Do not do file backups” in the settings?

Yes, that was it. I don’t remember checking that - I wasn’t even on that screen?! How strange.

Thank you!