File backup support compress

I hope that in future versions, file backup can support compression.

It can, by using compresson on the filesystem. Creating a rar/zip file or such, I’m pretty sure will not be implemented by the devs.

this is really bad news.

If you think that, you should probably look into what urbackup actually does.

actually, i know two programs aconis and veritas backup exec . they can compress all kinds of backup .

but they are too expensive。

Then use them, and pay for it, not sure what you are arguing about here, also, pretty bm to talk about OTHER software in a support forum, like wtf.

If you want compression, compress your filesystem down to whatever level you want. Let it write <10mb/s and compress it insanely if space is all you care about and not speed.

Compress the urbackup folders manually and move them however you want then also restore manually if needed, nothing is stopping you. (probably the step the other backups you mention does).

But don’t expect urbackup to handle deduplication and restore from within a compressed archive, again, you don’t seem to understand what urbackup does.

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