File backup - (storage) size different from folder size in Windows

Hi Everybody,

I use UrBackup for the first time, but my first backup was a folder with a size of 9Gb.
When look at the ‘used storage’ colum under the backup tab I see used storage of 5,8Gb.
But when I look at the backup folder on my other disk I see a size of 9Gb, so they are not equal to each other.

Is there somebody who has the same problem?
Can someone explain this (is this normal) or is it a known error?



Do you have other clients, where some files are the same? Does the backup have files which are identical?
Otherwise it should show the same size.

For now this is my first client. I wan’t to expand this, but saw that this happened.
The folder where I make a backup of is about 9Gb.
The folder where the first full backup is stored is also 9Gb.
I had checked this with a folder compare tool.
But when I look at Urbackup the storage size is used and also the size of the first full backup is 5,8 Gb.
What I know that there can’t be same folders or files. This is my personal documents folder.