File backup path and system cleanup


I have a few questions if somebody can answer. I’m using UrBackup server on Ubuntu and clients on Windows 7 OS.

BTW Excellent software with quite a few detailed options to set-up!

UrBackup Windows Client

  • How much time does it take to push File Backup paths setting to the UrBackup Client. I have to restart the UrBackup server service so settings are pushed.

  • How can I write a windows environmental variable in file backup path? Is it possible? Example would be to use %HOMEPATH%\Documents for all clients so “My Documents” are backed up on every machine.

  • Is there a way to force run system cleanup?

THX for all your help!

It’s pushed on client reconnection, i.e., Client or Server restart.

UrBackup runs as background service and thus does not know the current use. But this is probably what you want: (The example is the same :) ).

Not yet.

Thanks. Well this kinda helps. Since I don’t want to backup all users, just the current one logged in.