File backup much smaller as it should

Hi everyone,
I have placed Urbackup as my main backup solution around the house. I have added several computers, but it seems that hte used storage for backups is way to small.
Let me explain that a little bit more. There is a client who has about 500GB of photos and videos which I added to the list of things to backup. As videos and photos cannot be compressed any more I expect that the client backup is about 450GB at bare minimum. But thats not the case. It is about 360GB and also on the filesystem I see those around 450+GB. I do now think that hte backup is incomplete. The GUI tells me everything is ok, incremental backups are running fine…
If I ass a file and run an incremental backup I can immediatly see it in the GUI and can restore it.
But how could that happen that I muss around 100+GB?
It is important that all files are available in the backup.

Server and Clients are on the latest available versions.


Could be that somes photos got copied around.


what do you mean by that?

That on the origianl computer , if you copy one file , so that you have the same in 2 places.
Urbackup will reconise that and consume only the space of a single file.
…else it may be a bug

Maybe try running to check if you have a lot of duplicated files.
Then please report if that s the case or not


thanks for you answer. I did not know that urbackup is searching for duplicated files. That could be the reason, I will check that. Otherwise I will come back to the thread :slight_smile: