File backup doesn't run - "disk problems"

Hi there,
I’m new to UrBackup. Maybe you can help me with this issue.
I’ve installed two UrBackup clients on W8 machines. The server is installed on a W2012 Server in my private LAN.
Image backups seem to work but every single file backup fails with “FATAL: Backup failed because of disk problems”.
I don’t really get this because the backup runs until 100% and then suddenly stops. Btw the backupdrive is connected via S-ATAIII.

Thanks in advance.


This is a server side error. I’ll try to make reformulate it such that is clearer. Can you post a complete log of one such failed backup?

Thanks for your reply. Excuse me, where can I fand this log? I searched for urbackup.log on the server side and I could find the mentioned line “disk problems” and lots of errors like this one before the error occured:

2013-02-16 00:12:57: WARNING: HT: Error creating hardlink from “G:\DESKTOPMARKUS\130215-2328\Markus.OLYMP\VirtualBox VMs\Server 2012\Server 2012.vbox” to “G:\DESKTOPMARKUS\130215-2353\Markus.OLYMP\VirtualBox VMs\Server 2012\Server 2012.vbox”

This is confusing because I set "C:\Users\Markus\ as the source path to be backed up on the client side. “G” is the hard drive on the server side.

Yes it is the urbackup.log. If you want you could send it (compressed) to .
I looked and there are indeed log messages which are logged only there and not in the client specific log as well.

So the other question is where the OLYMP is coming from?

Thanks, I will send you the compressed logfile when I’m back home today. Oh…this is my private Domain…sorry, I didn’t clear that out earlier. So the user path is correct actually.
It seems that the server is receiving all of the files which need to be backed up and then suddenly deletes all of them afterwards and shows the error message.

Thanks for the logfile!
I think I messed up the long path support in the new code path for backups without temporary file buffer.
This updated version may help: