FIle backup - difference

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between full file backup and incremental file backup?

Full file backup is a complete backup of all files selected. Incremental file backup is backing up only the differences in the files selected since the last full file backup or incremental file backup.

Thanks :slight_smile: can you tell me how (in which way) do clients recognize server?

I also have a doubt in this.

With incremental file backup, I understand that the client scans only those folders that have changed since last backup, indexes and upload the files that have been changed.

With full file backups, I understand that the client does a full scan, but doesn’t upload everything again, only uploads the files changed (as when uploading the server checks the file signature and if it’s already on the server, it doesnt upload it).

Is this correct or am I fully wrong?


According to the Administration Manual:
*The server requests a file list construction from the client. The client constructs the file list and reports back that it is done.
*The server downloads ’urbackup/data/filelist.ub’ from the client. If it is an incremental backup the server compares the new ’filelist.ub’ with the last one from the client and calculates the differences.
*The server starts downloading files. If the backup is incremental only new and changed files are downloaded. If the backup is a full one all files are downloaded from the client.
*The server downloads the file into a temporary file. This temporary file is either in the urbackup_tmp_files folder in the backup storage dir, or, if you enabled it in the advanced settings, in the temporary folder. On successfully downloading a file the server calculates its hash and looks if there is another file with the same hash value. If such a file exists they are assumed to be the same and a hard link to the other file is saved and the temporary file deleted. If no such file exists the file is moved to the new backup location. File path and hash value are saved into the server database.

According to this a full file backup would upload everything from the client and then check for duplicate entries. The Administration manual also goes into more depth and explains the process further. It is located under 6.3 File Backup.