File Backup Configuration

I am having a hard time figuring out how to get my file backups to work the way I want so I am looking for some help or suggestions. I have a bunch of PC’s some laptops, tablets and desktops. Some have 2 drives. On the C: drive the only folder I care about backing up is the Desktop folder on the C: drive (C:\Users\WhateverUsername\Desktop). I am able to back that folder up but it seems like I had to put a ton of exclusions in to get just the backup of the windows profile(s) that I want.

I did change the location (in Windows) of the Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos folder which on the machines that have 2 drives, now live in the root of D: (there are also other files and folders in there that I do not want to include in the backup, but they end up getting backed up anyways and I can’t seem to figure out how to only backup the directories that I want have it exclude everything else

Only some of the computers have a D: drive and some don’t. I’d like to be able to control all of this from the server side and nothing from the client side so that when I want to make changes I can simply do it from the UrBackup Server UI and not to a dozen or so machines and have to make changes individually. I think groups might be the best way to sort out to say laptops or tablets that only have 1 drive where those have a different set of backup “rules” than desktops that are likely to have 2 drives and have a different set of “rules” that can backup the documents, music, pictures, and videos on the D: drive.


My config isn’t exactly the same, so I’m editing a bit, hopefully this will work.

Under directories to backup:
Then in included files, put:

I have both C and D as optional even though I always have a C, don’t remember if there was a reason, or that I did it while I was learning. I mostly go the route of excluding things, but I think you can do a generic include and it will grab both the C and the D in that directory.

You will need to have the base directory the same on both C and D doing this though.

Hope that works,