Fedora client install guide

Please add some steps for Fedora/Redhat/CentOS-stream distros to the Official source install guide

I found these to be working for Fedora 39:
sudo dnf install wxGTK-devel cryptopp-devel zlib-devel make gcc gcc-c++

I could not find libdevmapper, so at configuration it drops a warning, but the rest will work (note: device-mapper-libs package does not work)

compilation bug workaround:
When running the make -j4 a critical error is thrown (see screenshot), to resolve this:
Using your editor of choice insert “#include <cstdint>” between line number 124-125 in blockalign_src/crc.cpp before running ./configure

copying the systemd unit files comes after this, as /etc/rc.local is long outdated at this point:
sudo cp urbackupclientbackend-redhat.service /lib/systemd/system/urbackupclientbackend.service
sudo systemctl enable urbackupclientbackend

As mentioned in my other post the gui will not work on wayland.