Features which are really important(GPT + VHDX)

Hy, for me right now the follwing features are really important.

  1. GPT support for Disks over 2TB
  2. VHDX support

If this is possible - this would be great

Thanks again for your really fantastic program

GPT/EFI support is currenlty in testing/development. VHDX doesn’t have that high a priority. Are you using UrBackup on Windows or Linux?

Hi! I use urBackup Server 2.2.11 on Ubuntu Server 18.04. And now very important for me avoid 2Tb limitation of VHD. Some backup target (Windows) have size over 2Tb… Do you planning to implement VHDX as backup format or any option to do this?

Use the raw image format with either ZFS or btrfs… see the manual for details.

Ok! In this backup option how can I implement compression (and consistency checks) for stored backups?