Feature Request:

It would be very helpful to be able to exclude files or directories from individual backups on a per client basis.

For instance: We currently backup a server where we want to backup all of the D: drive, with the exception of one folder that contains VHDs tied to Hyper-V. It would be nice to be able to set it to backup all of D: but then exclude that folder.

As it stands, we can individually add all of the other folders and not add the one tied to Hyper-V, but that leads to the issue of what if we add another folder at the root of the drive and forget to add it to the backup set? Then it is not backed up.

Also, when we run in to circumstances where one file or folder is using a lot of server time and bandwidth, but does not actually need to be backed up for some reason, we have to individually add all other items and leave that part of the folder structure out, which again causes that issue of “What if we forget in the future?”

How difficult would it be to add the ability to exclude individual files or folders that are included in a backup?

This feature is already there… Under Filebackup:
Default directories to backup: D:
Excluded files (with wildcards): D:\HYPERVDIR\ * <-- you can add directories to includes/excludes too

if you want to setup it on a per client basis just select the client in the settings menu and activate Separate settings for this client

Interesting, I had not thought of doing it that way on a per-client basis. I only use that for global exclusions. I wonder how hard it would be to expose that functionality on the client GUI?

The client GUI exposes the setting. It is just not really user friendly…

Is it possible to implement email alerts on backup failures, errors or if no successful backups are received by the server in x amount of time? Based on my research of online backup software, URBackup is by far better than many of the paid solutions. I think this is the only thing that is critical for users and administrators. I am not a programmer, so I am not able to contribute in that regard but I can make monetary donation to make this possible.