Feature Request: VM Backups and Image Download Linux Snapshots and more


  • VM Backups and Restore (QEMU KVM)

I am looking for a solution to backup and restore VM with linux KVM mostly using Qemu for virtualization.

I currently just backup the machine disk, would that be enough?

  • Image Download

Would love to be able to download a disk image and just put it on a hard drive and restore from it for example, instead of ssh server download etc.

  • Linux Snapshots
    Currently Centos 7 uses xfs or zfs (or something like that) that allows you to take snapshots of the system. i can imagine where u backup takes a snapshot and transfer it to backup server, same to restore.
    Is a lot of work but am sure it will be amazing. 1 click snapshot :smile:

  • Android backup client

  • Mysql Backup

  • Cpanel Plugin (can be commercial)

  • Database backup for urbackup?
    or some config file that you can restore in case urbackup becomes corrupt or something.


  • Restore from files or device

  • Restore Files from Image or File Backup

thats up for now regards