Feature request: show server link on client


it maybe would be nice for some people to be able to contact the server website from clients (restore for user that have rights for). For that it also would be nice to see the server link or have it as a right click menu option on clients tray icon. This could be regulated by server setting in “settings -> permissions” (allow client-side link to server).

What about this idea?

A simple link to the login screen would be doable.

A DropBox style link, where the user is already logged in would be difficult because there is no fixed client<->user relationship. For a reason: The user running the tray icon might not have the right to access all the folders that are backed up. But I guess there are scenarious where such a feature would be really great. I’ll look into it.

That´s what I meant. I agree, that the other one would be difficult from the reasons you already wrote.