Feature request: show client version in details

Hi Uroni,

would be nice to see what Client Version is running on each when clicking “Show Details”, not only it´s IP. Good idea?

Another thing: in former Versions one could see the last performed Actions on tab Activities such as “full file backup on Client xy, z GB, 200 Minutes” or “deleted incremental image backup Client xy” and so on. i found this Information very good to see what the Server was working on the last few minutes or hours and if anything lasts too Long or comes up too often. Could you activate this again?

With regads to client version. Good idea: https://urbackup.atlassian.net/browse/US-6

The last activities should certainly be there. Can you have a look into the logfile, just after you tried to see them?

What do you mean by that? It should be in the webinterface though and not in the log files I guess. I can send you any log file - which of them do you want?

It logs the calls to the server web interface to the log file. I was hoping it would show an error there.