Feature request - set VSS usage flag



we have environment with ~360 servers. On about 50 servers with Win 2003 we have problems with the backups caused by the VSS. Since the directory that is meant to be backuped won’t be changed and no data is written during the backup, taking a snapshot prior to the whole process is redundant in our case.

When backup fails, we need to log on each station, create manual snapshot for example and start the backup again. After this procedure UrBackup manage to creat the automatic snapshot (but not always). It’s a quite cumbersome task when you have a lot of hosts to take care of. We have applied all possible fixes and patches that Microsoft provided for the VSS etc. but still this issue randomly occures.

If it would be possible to add in settings a flag which disable vss usage by the UrBackup, we would be very gratefull. Thanks in advance.


Ok, will add it to 1.5 (as a hidden flag).


Great to hear that! Thanks :slight_smile:


Could you share this flag with me as well please? I have a Surface Pro 4 where I use a MicroSD card for my bulk storage and VSS Snapshots are not supported on this USB device. I think this might be a solution for me.