Feature request: Restore to different destination

Is there currently a way to restore, using the restore button on the web interface, to a different destination than was originally backed up?
It would be very useful.



You do notice that it reuses the currently present files and does not transfer unchanged data/files…

If it is restored somewhere else, this optimization would be lost, except for if unchanged files are copied from the old location and partially changed files are copied and then modified. I’ll think a little bit more about that…

Yes, I realise that is a great time saver and very useful under normal circumstances.
Even so, it would be a valuable option to be able to restore to a different location even though it would be a full restore process.

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I think this would be an incredibly useful feature as well. However, I think you can achieve what you seek by using the “Download folder as ZIP”, then extract the zip to whatever location you want.

One side request related to this - currently, the “size” column is blank for folders, leaving it a complete mystery how big the resulting zip file might be; it could be 100MB or it could be 100GB. I realize this could be difficult to implement (either a CPU hog to calculate recursive size or a ton of metadata), but it would be nice to see at least an estimated size of the tree or the resulting zip.

The 4GB zip file size limit prevents that option.


Sorry to awaken an old topic - but I was looking through this as a way to implement a full restore for Mac clients (which don’t currently support image backups, so can’t be restored via the Restore CD).

I was hoping I would be able to:

  • Boot the to-be-restored machine from an external OS installation, containing the Urbackup Client;
  • Connect to the server and browse to my backup (note - the backup would possibly be from a different machine than the one I’m logged in from);
  • Restore the backup onto the internal drive of the machine;
  • (Possibly then requiring some jiggery-pokery to make the restored drive bootable).

Given that Time Machine seems to be getting increasingly broken at the moment, having a full-machine network-backup restore would be really valuable.


If i understood well (and i never tested it)
In the cli you are supposed to be able to use these options, which would allow you to restore to a different client and to a different path:

urbackupclientctl restore-start
–virtual-client Virtual client name
-t , --map-to (accepted multiple times)
Map to local output path of folders/files to a different local path
-m , --map-from (accepted multiple times)
Map from local output path of folders/files to a different local path

Hi Orogor:

Ooh - interesting - thanks!

I’ll check that out and report back. :slight_smile: