Feature Request: post_filebackup per client on server side

First of all i want to thank developers for this awesome product!
Now to my request
It would be great if people can configure some action per clients on the server side after completion of full/incr file/img backups. For example - my urbackup server hosted locally. i want to rsync each backup when it complete to two another server. Is it possible?

What exactly do you mean by ‘rsync?’

If you are wanting to make copies, you could try if hard-links or soft-links in Windows will work for you.

If you are using Windows, you could manipulate shares with Task Scheduler to xcopy or robocopy files off of your backup server to the other servers.

Or, simply backup your backup server.

However, if you’re using a Linux distro… I got nothing.

I mean, FTP or SFTP should work for either OS or even between both. Just needs some set-up.

This is improved and documented in 2.0.x now. See section 6.4.2 of the 2.0.x admin manual.

It is not exactly what i talking about. That what i mean:
i have local client pc, local urbackup server and remote backup storage.
Yes, urbackup can be configured to use internet server, but it is not acceptable in some circumstances, when, for example, this is a big fileshare, size of 500GB. In scenario of use urbackup internet server, client must flow backup to local server, after that - to internet. If backup dir is big enough, it can be a long time to complete both action , and sometimes task goes beyond the backup window.
Maybe more flexible and clever, i think, backup pc to internet site FROM local urbackup server, or have this option to be configured. If it is complicated to implement, it may be some option in client configuration to execute script (rsync) when full/incr backup is successfully completed. I know about post_*_filebackup, but if i understand correctly, it executed for ALL clients, that is not flexible enough, because not all data is so importent to backing up to the internet server.
Hope, i explain everything clearly, sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
p.s: i use linux debian Urbackup server on both sides

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