Feature request: Per-client filesystem quotas

Just as the title suggests, it would be massively helpful in some cases to be able to set quotas on a per-client basis. Is this on the roadmap at all?

I guess you need hard quotas and the current “soft client quotas” aren’t enough. That is the server should stop backing up as soon as the client exceeds its quota?

Well, I would not want it to stop backing up. Maybe a soft quota where it shows a warning on the status page?

Currently it sends an email to the administrator if it cannot delete backups such that the client is within the soft quota.

But, unless I am missing something, that is an overall quota for all backups, correct? If there were any sort of functionality where we could set it on a per-client basis so we could set a quota that way and have some notification that we might need to adjust the backup schedule, etc.

I understand if my uses would be an edge case. I do not expect open-source projects to add functionality that only we would make use of. I can dig in to the code and see if I can figure out a way to do it myself if you do not feel like it would be worthwhile.

It is per client and already there. Have a look at the admin manual and search for “Soft client quota”.

That said, I do not know how reliable this feature is, so your offer of improvement is appreciated.

I guess I need to RTFM, eh? :smile:

Thank you for answering all my questions. While I have you, is there anyway that I can help out with your project? I think it is great work that you are doing here. It is a big niche that needed something open-source to fill it. :smile:

I guess scratching your own itch is always best. For example you could add a better method to import files into the backup server. That is:

  • Select a directory
  • Create dummy client (e.g. IMPORT-2014-11-16) or think of another method of how to prevent warnings as soon as the files are removed again (i.e. orderly removal)
  • Calculate SHA-hashes of all files and add them to the database

With 1.5 the hashes will be in the metadata files, if the backups are from another server.

I’ll clean up and publish my 1.5 branch soonish.

May I ask what is going to change for 1.5?