Feature request - option to specify separate folder on server for file backup type for each client

Feature request -
I think it’d be really good if there’s an option to specify separate folder on server for file backup type for each client. For example if image backup type is not recoverable because of a drive failure on server so it’d be good if user can store the file backup on another drive or location on server.

You can probably do it the reverse way to how you’re thinking & get images onto a separate drive per client, or possibly a separate drive by playing with symlinks.

Create a virtual sub client, have the main client do file backups & the virtual client do images, mount a drive in the folder the virtual sub client writes to (move any existing content of the folder onto that drive first).

Should work I think, just don’t do it the other way round because of all the file system links with file backups.

Or play with symbolic links, it’s amazing what you can make happen with those if you can figure out the setup without getting confused.

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Thanks. Symlinks way looks good.
But what is virtual client? How to set it up?
I have just one client installed on my Windows PC which I want to backup.
Any link to docs to install another client on same PC would be good. Thanks

UrBackup - Server administration manual

You basically set them up on the server entering the sub-client name on the client tab for that client under settings.

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ok cool. thanks.
But I think symlinking the image backup directory to another drive on server would fulfill my need.
So I am gonna go the symlink way