Feature request - keep x last urbackup settings and database backups

Please add option for keep last x configuration.
After upgrading UrBackup package, cleans UrBackup server configuration, and next rewrite urbackup configuration and database backup.

From the manual (https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-540008.1.12):

8.1.12 Automatically backup UrBackup database

If checked UrBackup will save a backup of its internal database in a subdirectory called ’urbackup’ in the backup storage path. This backup is done daily within the clean up time window. Default: Checked. If you backup a lot of files and the database gets large consider disabling this and performing the database backup via another method, e.g. by installing the UrBackup client on the server. You should backup “/var/urbackup” or “C:\Program files\UrBackupServer\urbackup”.

But some embended distro do not have urbackup client.

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