Feature request: Improve the "client discovery hint" functionality

Currently its possible to discover clients in other networks by adding the ip to the “Client discovery hints”. After the client is discovered, the concerning “Client discovery hints” changes to “online = no” and the client appears in the “Backup status” overview with status “online = yes”. When i remove the “Client discovery hints” entry for the concerning client, the client goes offline completely which means that the “Client discovery hint” entry should be keepen. This does not make sense to me as the client is already found.

I think the server should “remember” the client so the “Client discovery hints” entry can be removed. This keeps the UI clean. I can imagine there is a specific reason why the “Client discovery hints” entry should not be removed. In this case i suggest that the status of that record also shows the status of the client behind that IP. Maybe it also makes sense when the server name is showed in the “Client discovery hints” view as well.

What i miss is the ability to add a network as “client discovery hint” instead of single IP addresses. E.g. I can imagine that this can have a negative effect on the performance when the given network is too big so a restriction to a /24 network would make sense and is already usefull in many (when not most) cases.

I think I understand from the manual why a specific client stays in that list, but I definitely agree with being able to add a subnet – at least up to /24

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It should definitely be possible to add subnets like to client discovery. Please add this.