Feature request: File Backup Status Threshold

It appears that in the client and in the web interface, a computer’s “File backup status” will go from “Ok” to red with “No recent backup” displayed within…24 hours? of having a good backup. This can freak out users and admins. It would be nice to either be able to change the threshold of when that switch happens, or have a transition to a yellow warning status first.

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@uroni, may I ask what file this is in? I assume it is a JS file? Let me know which one and I will do my best to work on writing a walkthrough on editing the value for each person’s use case. I only backup my clients once per day. Even though the default is every 12 hours, backing up on that schedule would only seem to waste resources as one of those backups is going to fall outside of normal business hours and be wasted bandwidth and resources. I am also noticing that most clients fall in to the “red zone” for a brief period until their daily backup completes.

The server is looking at the settings “backup_ok_mod_file” and “backup_ok_mod_image” which is currently “3” by default. That is, it will warn if the last file/image backup was more than min(incr interval,full interval) * backup_ok_mod ago. You should be able to set that setting directly in the database (*_settings the settings table clientid 0 – currently not set).

The tray icon does not have this kind of modifier and is supposed to only measure the time the computer is acutally running.

I’ll have a look, and expose that modifier on the web interface.

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It’s good to know that it’s based off of the minimum incremental/full backup intervals. Exposing the modifier in the web interface would be extremely handy.

I’m still a little confused as to how the tray icon notification is calculated… But if it’s based on time, maybe exposing that value in the client options would provide enough customization.