Feature Request: Drop down menu selection to update a client to new version

Just was wondering if there was any possibility of adding a way to tell specific clients to update from the web gui? It would be a nice touch. I have one that is still on 1.4.9 that I would like to force to upgrade but don’t want to have to go and manually do it, most are on 1.4.10 may update those soon (will the beta version automatically update those?) and one I have manually updated to 2.0.4b, which the server is running. Oh and by the way I love the new web interface and have not had any issues with the beta so far.

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Or maybe just a setting to disable the auto-update per client. It would be nice to keep the auto-update on for most of my clients except my XP machines now that 2.0.x does not support them.

I second this request it would be helpful