Feature request - delta algorithm

It would be nice that Urbackup support backup of files in chunks (delta algorithm) like rsync does. Some computers have big files that are changed frequently and these files are transmitted in their full size every incremental file backup taking bandwitch, time and storage.

Thanks for that great software!

It is actually in the next version, though only enabled if you backup over internet and not on LAN. I could add an option though, to switch to that transfer mode on LAN too.

This only reduces bandwith usage though. If one stores delta one looses the convenience of having the folders replicated on the server (i.e. there has to be some custom format).

Which kind of server OS are you using? Because I’m thinking about adding a mode which uses btrfs on Linux to safe backups more efficiently. The deltas would then be hidden by the filesystem layer (btrfs) i.e. look as though every backup is complete, but same data would be only stored once. It would also be more efficient (in terms of speed) than using ZFS deduplication.

Ok, I get the point. Server OS is Linux (Debian Squeeze) and data is stored on ext3 fs at the moment. But I can test this btrfs functionality on different machine when it will be implemented :)