Feature Request: Create SMB shares from web interface for restoring files

I would love to see this feature in the admin web interface - ability to mount a file backup folder, like the “current” folder for example, as a LAN-accessible SMB share. If it was anonymously accessible that would be even better. You can obfuscate the share name, but adding some random characters, like \UrBackup\Restore\98656gubklnfpojf. These shares would be temporary for restoring files from the local network. I believe you can use the Linux SMB command “net usershare add”, which makes transient shares available, that do not persist through reboots. If the system notified you that you have left a share mounted for several days that would be awesome-sauce.

Another feature I would love to see, related to restoring, is the ability to manipulate the images from the web interface. Mounting and dismounting, and sharing the mounted image on the network, like described above, decompressing images, and assembling images. I think this would make the product a lot more user-friendly to those that are not that familiar with Linux, but can perform these tasks through a web interface.

And finally, email alerts for backup success/failure would be great. MSP’s live and die by email alerts.