Feature Request - Comment Backups and search with keywords

Hello UrBackup-Team,

it would nice and usefull to mark the Backups comment or descriptions.

e.g. like this edited screenshot for add Comment

this should be shown Backup page (e.g. see edited screenshot above)

<img src="/uploads/default/original<img src="/uploads/default/original

The image backups will not be show in the webfrontend, if there will be be added i side for this i would appreciate it.

I am not shure if this is an other feature request, please inform me if this is needed.

Eventually it is usefull to make a comment by starting a manual Backup
in the frontend or the client software.

A search function would be nice but the first time the browser search function will do the same.

So I hope many people find this a great idea and thiswill be accepted and implemented by the developers.


Good ideea.
Introduce this feature in archive flag action.

Good ideea.
Introduce this feature in archive flag action.

Can you tell me what you mean.

Where shoud I introduce this feature.
I am a user an new here in the forum. so please tell me what i should do with this post.


watchdog 76

sorry to dig out old thread, but…
Did this idea get any thought? It would be nice to be able to put short comments to a specific backup like “before that major change change, in case of this kind of problem recover this”

I am ending up having few archived images and not remembering why I archived them :slight_smile: