Feature Request: Client specific storage path

Can we set multiple storage path or you can say client specific storage path to store 5 TB or more backup store. Actually i have some problem setting up urbackup. I have backup of around 4 TB and i want to keep at least two full copies so it becomes 8 TB. I don’t have storage or single point where i can store 8 TB of data. So i just thought if there is feature like client specific backup storage path then it would be nice and we can spread backup on multiple hard-disks. Please add this feature for those who don’t have centralized storage. I don’t want to go for software raid because there are chances of failure and then ended up not able to recover data. So want to keep things simple. Please help me out :)



there are currently no plans for this. UrBackup is designed for a single storage path. You can use symlinks and the like to redirect clients to a different path – it will work but it will be suboptimal, because clients then cannot share data. So for a lot of data you should go for a raid (5 or something). You have to do that anyways for 5TB data, because there are no 5TB disks.

You can, however, use multiple, independent UrBackup servers. Those would then each have independent backups of the same clients (or you can configure which client should use which server). It should be possible to run multiple instances of the server on the same OS, though nobody has done this before, I think.

I Like This Idea Too…

…The Problem Is More Evident If You Have Many TB Of Data To Backup And No Space On Your Backup HDD!

If Is Not Possible To Make Client Specific Storage Path What About Using Backup Groups?
For Example In The List We Can Select 10 PCs On LAN And Decide That The VHD Maded On That Selected Group Must Be Saved On A Specified Path …Then We Select Another 7 PCs On LAN And Specify Another Group Name Witch Have The Path Where To Save The Files/VHD Difrrent From First Group…

Later! :slight_smile:


I’m interested in this feature too.
I’m looking into new backup products to replace some patchwork stuff that we currently have in place. but we have 6 NAS(running freenas) currently with around 8 to 12 TB per nas with our backups, I’d lke to have the ability to either specify the backup locations of the servers or have something like a wsus with downstream servers that i can manager centrally.

it’s occured to me that i can mount the NASes to the client folders once created, just hoping for a better solution.

it’s been a few years since the above posts so just checking if there’s any chance it’ supports or will in the new version?

If you think one UrBackup instance can handle it, you could also export all the NAS devices via iSCSI to one backup server and then create one file system to store the backups on.

Fantastic program; I really appreciate your work. I’m currently trying to backup different machines to different filesystems by mounting different shares to the client folders, and it’s working very well.
My question is: how does UrBackup measure “used space”? In your manual, section 8.1.14 says “During cleanups UrBackup will look at the used space of the file system the backup folder is on.”

Where is the “backup folder”? I assume it’s the folder that contains the “clients”, “urbackup”, “urbackup_tmp_files”, and the folders for each client.

In my setup (Ubuntu Server 16.04 running UrBackup Server 2.0.31) I have set /mnt/urbackup as the “backup folder” and have mounted share A to /mnt/urbackup/comp1, share B to /mnt/urbackup/comp2, share C to /mnt/urbackup/comp3 and so on. Since the “backup folder” (/mnt/urbackup) is located on the local filesystem, and some of its subfolders are located on other filesystems, will UrBackup ever run its cleanup? If I manually run “urbackupsrv cleanup --amount 80%” will it refuse to do anything because the local filesystem holding the “backup folder” is already below 80% usage?

Hi Guys,

Let’s reactivate this topic…

I’m new to UrBackup. Just installed it and played around. Looks great!
So far I’m I’m only keen on the internet option. I set it up on two Windows machines and was able to backup a test scenario. Nice! I really like the great overview and minimal/slick design.
Also the ease of installation of the remote client! :heart:

More than one storage path?
However - I have two different locations to backup. One 15TB and the other 17TB. Huge.
At the server location I’m only able to set up a max RAID system of 21 TB (Raid6). So I can’t have both backed up to only one volume.
But I have two 21TB volumes mounted at server side. So if I would be able to set different server side storage paths per client the problem would be solved.
Any plans to integrate this in the near future?

If there are no plans - could you elaborate on the symlinc solution mentioned in the first reply or the “running multiple servers on the same OS”?

File count limitation?
I’m running SyncBackPro at the moment which is for various reasons sub-optimal. One reason being it is only 32bit and struggles when the file count goes over 4 million or so. Is there any file count limitation or file size limitation in UrBackup? I’m only doing incremental backup online. Always compression. Always encryption.

Thanks a lot!

All major server operating systems allow you to concatenate volumes in software to another volume. That would then be RAID60. That also doubles the IOPS your array gets.
Do the two servers share any files? If yes, UrBackup is only able to deduplicate them if you put them on one volume…

You have not told us your server OS.

Only a huge limit (billions). You might need some RAM on the server, but that is neccessary for good performance anyway.

Thanks a lot for the reply, uroni!

When I say “Server” I mean the machine the UrBackup Server is running on. And that is Windows7 Home Edition :worried:
Another reason for leaving these volumes split up is that they mirror two physical machines at the facility I’m backing up. So in case of an emergency I just can slot those two drives back in and all is working as it was. Rather than having to copy 32 TB to another system which might take ages.

But I’m all for workarounds and new ideas - so thanks again!

Any starting points for me on the other workarounds:

  • symlinks
  • running multiple server instances on same OS
  • or what liminaly says: mount the NAS drives as the client folders