Feature request – client groups

Currently if you want to have unique settings for a client you can do so by selecting “Separate settings for this client”. It would be great if you could break those out into groups so that you didn’t have to make the settings per client.

What I had in mind for our use was

group – different backup window
Windows desktops
Windows Servers – different backed up folder
Linux clients – of course different backup folders.

Thanks so much!



I would second this suggestion, with an option for soft quotas per group.

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join the request. really want to see the group in the next release.

And another vote for groups! Would make this backup solution nearly perfect.

Another vote for groups … too!

Join to this request. Please think about it.

Definitely agree with this, have Urbackup Server installed at a City Municipal Complex with several departments, and this would help greatly with keeping them organized and adjust their schedules accordingly as they work different hours and have varying hardware.

In adding to this, I would like to be able to assign a user to a group of machines, so they can manage/restore from any computer within that group, not just 1 single machine.

@ninja6o4 - While I know there are not group settings, you can go to settings > users > change rights on a user and then add additional computers to that user. You just put a “,” and then the computer id#.

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The PITA is finding out what the client ID of that computer is.

That works for me! Thanks for the tip!

Agreed. If you don’t have a ton of computers you can atleast just put the “,” and try 2, 3 ,4 ,5 and so on until you hit the computer you need. I am assuming the id# is the order in which the computers were added to the system.

Yes, and it would be wonderfully helpful if @uroni would display that somehow in the web interface so you did not have to hunt and guess (or go perusing through the database).

+1 from me on client config groups.

I would love to see the group feature for the settings.


I was just about to suggest this enhancement! +1

I also want the group feature!