FATAL ERROR: Could not write to VHD-File (am aware of some issues, but need to explore)

  • Client v 2.5.25 (Windows 11)
  • Server v2.5.31 (QNAP QTS)

Hi, i have a single client with the below errors:

Errors 11/03/23 06:10 FATAL: Error writing to VHD-File. Code 0
Errors 11/03/23 06:10 FATAL ERROR: Could not write to VHD-File

We have other systems backing up ok, all iver 500Gb, the error is a drive thats 2.42Tb, we use Compressed VHD.

Whats the difference between compressed and non compressed? I am hoping both only write the file size of data they use and not the complete 2.42Tb disk size. I also assume this is not a Volume Shadow size issue (or is it?)

We are unable to access the backend of the server (as its running on a QNAP QTS system) incase anyone needs logs that cant be seen in the Server Web GUI

We just upgraded the server to 2.5.32 AND at the same time found out VHD files will only work for volumes below 2Tb, so this would be an issue. We changed the image backups to use “Compressed VHDX” which have a maximum size of 64Tb, now the image backup from that system is working.

Does VHDX work for the restore USB?