FastCGI and How long to upgrade a DB?

Hi All,

I just updated my server to 2.0.30 and I’ve got two little things going on -

I’m not sure if FastCGI is working properly - it was working before with my previous install (1.0.47 I think it was) just fine. All of the symbolic links are in place like they should be, and the configuration is correct on Apache, but I notice netstat is not showing anything listening on port 55413. I can access the http interface through 55414 just fine, so I know the non-FastCGI interface is working. Is this something I need to switch on once I can actually log into the updated server? This leads to below…

this on my web interface:

UrBackup is upgrading its internal database. This may take a while. The server is inaccessible and will not do any backups during this upgrade.
Current version: 35
Target version: 47

If I’m looking at the right file, the DB looks to be ~1.5GB in size, so any ideas as to how long this process should take?

The FastCGI server should come up after the upgrade and index creation is finished.

Thanks for that info - I was kinda panicking last night until I read the response just before I went to bed! Everything seems to be working this morning as it should be.