Failed - TIMEOUT(1)


I have a Windows 2003 server which cannot be backup. The error on the server interface (urbackup) is:
Constructing of filelist of “ltmsrvdb01” failed - TIMEOUT(1)

The total files on this server in the drive which is going to be backup is:
Total Files Listed:
158125 File(s) 110,008,186,035 bytes

is there way how to modify timeout value in order to be able to create this filelist?



the timeout is 1h and of cause I can increase it. To what shall I increase it (You probably watched how long the filelist construction took?). Is that server under load or why did it take so long? Or perhaps the timeout occurred because of another reason…

Please see attached file.

I think that timeout is triggered because the amount of the files which this drives contains - 158 096.
If I specify some of the subfolders, the backup process is running and there is no timeout. I presume that it timeout because service is not able to create file list on time and after that to trigger backup process (just guessing).
What I can do in order to file backup such amount of files per drive?

P.S.: I’ll give it a try to add multiple paths for backup and see when it is going to break in order to identify when it is crashing.
P.S.S: Server is not loaded at all (PowerEdge 2650 4GB RAM, 2xXeon CPUs 2.8GHz). Only couple of files are accessed (read+write).


I was asking because I have over 500 000 files on my laptop and it finishes in time. And it’s a slow laptop hard disk.
Here is a version with a 4h timeout: