Failed Image restore (windows environment)

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with restoring the image. I tried 4 different image backup’s to restore the new machine once it did restore but that image was very small. but whenever I’m trying to restore from large images (110gb) it won’t restore. it goes to few % but then it failed.

I’m using windows environment, I’m using 2.0.36 client and server.

How big is your target harddisk? UrBackup can’t resize partitions, so the target disk has to be as big or bigger than the original source disk.

For example if you backed up a client with a 500GB Partition, you have to restore it to a 500GB partition/free space on your harddisk. Even if there are only 10GB of data on the partition the target must have 500GB free space, as UrBackup cannot resize the partion.

Did you use the 32bit Restore CD? Because with the 32bit CD the restore just fails without an error message. Only the 64bit CD tells you that the target disk/partition is too small.


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Hi Dino, many thanks for your reply. the original drive was 1TB and the new machine just got drive 500Gb.

I’m using USB stick for restore, not cd but how to find out if it 64bits of 32bit. and where to get the 64bits…?

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You can get the 64bit version here:

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thank you dino