Failed Backups - Hash Error

OK, I have searched for this and cannot find a solution.

I don’t feel a backup of 1 GB should not work because of 1 file

I have backups where if one file fails a hash, the whole backup fails. Is there a way to increase or ignore this error??

03/25/20 09:07 INFO Writing new file list…
03/25/20 09:07 INFO All metadata was present
03/25/20 09:07 INFO Backup verification is enabled. Verifying file backup…
03/25/20 09:09 ERROR Hashes for “H:\backup_urbackup\PAC-MATT\200325-0848\home.local\share\gnome-shell\application_state” differ. Verification failed.
03/25/20 09:14 ERROR Backup verification failed
03/25/20 09:14 DEBUG Creating symbolic links. -1
03/25/20 09:14 DEBUG Creating symbolic links. -2
03/25/20 09:14 DEBUG Symbolic links created.
03/25/20 09:14 INFO Transferred 1.11281 GB - Average speed: 8.56757 MBit/s
03/25/20 09:14 DEBUG Script does not exist urbackup\post_incr_filebackup.bat
03/25/20 09:14 INFO Time taken for backing up client PAC-MATT: 26m 23s
03/25/20 09:14 ERROR Backup failed

Maybe not turning on a setting called Debugging: End-to-end verification of all file backups would be a good first step??

I only turned it on to see what is happening, went back to warn, but issue is still there.