Fail2Ban looking for webserver log

We are increasing security on our Urbackup 2.1.19 installation. We have a full firewall in front of the service, and we backup mainly clients via the internet. Normal ports are open (80/443/55413-55415). We would like to put F2B on ports for failed login attempts but cannot find the standard web logs. Do they exist? What is the file path?

Last post I found was Nov 15 - no answer…

UrBackup 2.1.19 / 47TB Farm / ZFS Filesystem / 150+ clients / Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS


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Login information goes into auth syslog. It is similar to e.g. ssh. You should be able to adjust e.g. the ssh rule.If anyone has a working config, posting it would be appreciated.

Failed login and successful logins?


in fact I find in the file “/var/log/auth.log” only successful connections and unsuccessful connections with an existing login.
login errors with a non-existent login do not appear.
This makes inefficient use of fail2ban
is it possible to correct this?

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add new jail for GUI and urbackup-client filter