EXT USB 100% Constantly

Everything freshly installed

Server running win10home wiped and reinstalled fresh and totally updated
Client win11home fully updated

Server win10home, 8gig ram, C2Duo cpu, 512ssd, EXTERNAL 5gb Seagate HDD connected to USB2.0,
1GIG connection via ethernet.
Clients all windows 11 current updated

initial backup running really slow. restarted server set only 1 backup to run

Ext Backup Seagate 5TB drive maxed out, average response time going from 500 ms to 4000 ms but little to no data transfer.

backup is supposedly 24 gig backing up c:\users only file backup no image
it is saying 1-2 days backup time. Very little data is moving.

Is the anti virus doing this? I excluded the .tmp file

Where should I look next?

Thank you


Is the 5TB drive SMR ?

My luck it probably is. Even if so, looking at the smr issues slowest average speed was 20MB
I am getting like .1 or .2 MB max.

Once the CMR cache is full on an SMR drive it clogs that way as long as something keeps trying to write new stuff, need to pause/interrupt and give them an hour or 2 to clear the cache and recover.

Unfortunately stopping the process can be problematic/long as well at this stage.

And yes all 2.5" drives above 500GB are SMR.