Expanding Storage


I am running UrBackup in Windows Server 2016 using deduplication and file compression. My storage is 12TB in a RAID6 configuration but I am very close to running out of storage. I have 6 open bays in my server and am looking at expanding my storage but I’m not sure of the best way to go about doing this.

Do I have to delete and recreate the entire RAID6 array? How will this affect the UrBackup storage?

Thank you!

Depends on your RAID controller. If your raid controller can expand your array on the fly then just expand the disk. Then use Disk Manager to expand the partition.

If your RAID controller can’t expand, then yes you’ll have to re-create the array.

Hmmm my server has a PERC H700, I’ll have to see if expansion is possible…

H700 Series can expand raid 1 and 5 and i think 6 too.
No expansion for 10 and 50

You must change all disks than you will see the expansion option

NTFS only supports 16TB if the partition was formatted into 4k clusters. So what if someday your data size went close to 16TB after your expanding.