Exclusion of custom Windows folder when backing up

I am new to UrBackup tool and we are trying to backup a mid size Linux based server using this tool as part of testing. It so happens that in the past someone has restored from a Windows based backup tool causing a folder to be created like “/vol1/abc/bcd/\\WindowsA\abc\cdf/” folder on this Linux box. When the backup tries to backup this folder it keeps going into an endless loop causing the backup to take too long. I have been trying all combinations to exclude this folder and all its sub-folders to no avail. Any assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. I have tried the following combinations:


For convenience / and \ are treated the same.

What perhaps will work:
But then e.g. `/vol1/abc/bcd/testWindowsA\abc\cdf`` will also be excluded.

Escaping with \ is implemented and probably does not work on Linux (
/vol1/abc/bcd/WindowsA\\abc\\cdf/ (double the backslashes) )

Thank you so much for the reply. The Windows host name starts with a double backslash too. I added one additional backslash to the folders now. Will confirm this in a while.

Just FYI, the additional slashes did not help. I am testing now with the “:” separator to see if that helps. Thank you again.