Exclusion files not working

Hello All,

im getting UrBackup setup/configured to start backing up personal computers and so far its working amazing.

im running UrBackup on a docker inside an Ubuntu server.

here is my issue.

if i add to the client exclusion list *.iso to not backup those files and add *\Downloads* to the include, it still backs up the iso files.

can anyone guide me on what im doing wrong?

here is the file configuration page:

Additionally, i can see the *\Downloads* folder being passed to the client’s settings, but the exclusion files dont get addes, i still see the default folders when installing the client on Windows:

It somehow works, but its not excluding the iso files i set to be excluded.

Server version is 2.4.13 on Docker
Windows Client version is 2.4.11

Thanks in advance!

i was able to get this sorted out… :slight_smile:

this is what i had to do in order for the server to replicate the settings successfully to the clients:

with these settings, this is how its lookking on the client side:

ill need to figure out about the macos settings, but for now, this is doing what im looking for.

ill have to play with the backup windows, but thatll be later.