Exclusion and inclusion of files


Hello. I started using the system, everything works fine on windows. But I had one question. I want to be able to include and exclude certain files, but not on the entire client, but in certain directories. For example: I create a list of paths for backup, like C: \ aaa and C: \ bbb. In the aaa directory and subdirectories, I want to exclude all * .mp4 files, and in the bbb directory I want to exclude all pdf files. Is it possible?


backup c:\aaaa; c:\bbbb
exclude c:\aaaa\*.mp4;c:\bbbb\*.pdf

or look at virtual clients in the docs, but that a bit more config


"exclude c:\aaaa\*.mp4;c:\bbbb\*.pdf"

Does this line exclude mp4 files only in the current folder or in all subfolders?



: is a single folder level
and * is all folder level

so that would exclude all folders


Great, Thanks. :+1: