Excluding symlinks from admin interface

Hi Guys

Great product which I’m currently testing for suitability for a live deployment.

I’m backing up a bunch of Linux servers from a central server hosted on Ubuntu. At first I played around with client config on individual clients, and quickly established that I will need to exclude symlinks, and backup those destinations directly - otherwise the same share will end up being backed up multiple times.

When configuring the client directly, it was very clear that I needed to specify the no-follow-symlinks argument in order to be able to backup the root the entire drive, without the backup following symlinks, however I’ve now migrated over to a centralised server config instead because less administration, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to specify the argument in a way that works under the Client Configuration settings, whatever I try, it either gets interpreted as a backup directory itself, a note, or it completely mauls the backup config altogether…

Does anyone know how to prevent following symlinks using the server configuration, so it can be pushed to all clients?

Thanks in advance!
Mike (Newbie)

/home|HOMES/symlinks_optional,share_hashes;/etc|ETC/symlinks_optional,share_hashes ;

There s this slight tidbit, that you need to specify the other default parameter if you want to ignore a default one.

@uroni , Hi, could you add reversed parameters? like a no_follow_symlinks.
So maybe it s more clear for users and they don’t have to add symlinks_optional,share_hashes to get the same effect.