Excluding onedrive folder

I keep getting errors when doing a file backup: Error getting complete file "XMQju1Va2DizSFZEvSW7|Users … (i removed the rest of the path). This is inside a OneDrive folder and I’d like to exclude all of the one drive folders or at least the ones that have the “XMQju1Va2DizSFZEvSW7” in their path.

I tried adding XMQju1Va2DizSFZEvSW7* and XMQju1Va2DizSFZEvSW7|Users to the excluded files and it doesn’t seem work. Am I writing this exclusion wrong or is there something else I’m missing? I’ve got this issue on 3x computers that have one drive and the files aren’t stored locally.

i think you should exclude : C:\Users*\OneDrive