Excluding files

Running Windows server and clients. I am able to specify the folders I want to backup (C:\douments and settings) but to reduce network traffic and save space I am attempting to NOT backup the temporaray internet files and other temp folders.

I added /temporary internet files/;/temp/ to the exclude files box but it still backs them up.

I tried using backslashes instead of forward as the server is on Windows and not Linux and get the same.

Anyone see what I am missing?


I think it is case sensitive, so you should use
\Temporary Internet Files*;\Temp*

If that was the problem I will fix it to be case insensitive. That forward/backward slash problem needs a change too.


I will try that.

Is “Excluded files” still case sensitive?
I added ;*.mov; and got it backuping .MOV files on my Linux laptop!