Excluding files/directories from image backup


Trying to backup a windows PC but trying to omit one folder holding about 250GB of archive files

Have tried adding c:\archive\* (in “excluded files” file backup settings tab) but full image backup is still adding this folder to full image backup

Is there anyway of omitting files/folders from full image backup (same as in files backup)?


On the client.

If you do they’ll vanish from file backups too, since those are made from snapshots as well.

Hi thanks for reply

I added the “multi-string value” key with value of… “\archive\ . /s” (with two * 's, for some reason if i put them on either side of the “.” this post removes them when i click “save”)

restarted the pc, and tried another full image backup, its backing up right now but still showing the full backup size inclusive of the “c:\archive” folder ?


Have you seen the following?

It suggests that the files should be deleted after the snapshot is complete.

Good find…

after looking at the docs :slight_smile: … just decided to shrink the C partition and create a new partition and move the archive folders over to there, problem sorted!

thanks for the info

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That’s actually the better solution from a data integrity standpoint.