Excluded folders being Created

Excluded folders are being created on the backup server. They are empty folders mind you but they should not be created in the first place. This is not a big deal for the most part but if the excluded folder is a symlink this causes problems. The biggest issue I am having is with the “documents and settings” symlink on win 7 etc. Before version 2 this folder/symlink was not backed up but since ver 2 it is. So I thought, okay, just exclude it. But, since excluded folders are still created on the server, and since this “folder” is a symlink, the whole thing gets created on the server. To fix I think you just need to not create on the backup server folders that are excluded (which should be the behaviour anyway). Please fix asap. Thanks.

Go ahead…

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand. Go ahead and ??
Do you have a fix? Where do I get it from?