Excluded files problem on first full backup

on server in excluded files settings are -> *.mp3; *.wav; *.avi; *.tmp; *\AppData*; *\Temp*; *\Downloads*
Client version is 1.4.8. and client OS is Win 8.1, and settings are NOT client specific (default directory is c:\Users).
Included files is left empty.
Today after first full backup all excluded files are actually backed up.
Where am I mistaking?

also, on client that has many .jpg files (directories as year/month/occasion) in last free years every folder in backup destination has all .jpg files on every backup?

Hi ! got the same problem ! is there somebody know how to fix it ?

Thank you !

Can you check if the exclude setting properly propagates the the client? Also perhaps, if it is shown correctly (greyed out and set to the value you chose) in the client specific settings on the server.

You are right, excluded files was not correctly propagated to clients, now it it working.
There is still problem that every backup is actually full backup, not incremental?

So i’m kinda in the same boat, my excluded files do not propagate to the clients.
Do I go around plugging them in manually or is there a setting to allow the propagation?