Every 11 days server deletes all incremental image backups for one client

Firstable I want to say THANK YOU uroni, for this amazing piece of software.

Hi everyone, after two weeks trying to figure out what is the problem with one of my clients doing image backups over the internet, I basically cant find it :frowning: I would love if someone could help me with this unusual problem I am having.

My server UrBackup 2.2.11: Running Windows 2016 Standard 64bit,
Clients 2.2.6 (all windows 7 and 10): Running 79 Clients ( 4 clients active 2.1.19-cbt image backups)

The problematic client (Windows 10 Home (build 17134), 64-bit)

Everthing works perfect except for one client (the most important btw Lol) this client is set to do daily image backups only, file backup is disable.

The client does incremental image backups everyday with no problems, but after 11 days (sometimes 15 days) (I changed settings in between so thats why change the days in the graphs) UrBackup deletes all the incrementals image backups only leaving the first full one, ??

I tried to reinstall the client software, change some settings about min and max image backus, … but I cannot find why this keeps happening … and what I can see, the others 3 clients are doing Image and file backups over the internet perfectly fine.

Could you please help me finding what could be the problem with that? Thank you very much

I tried to make it as easy as possible so you guys can see the settings in one shot, I hope you can see it easy.

I am going to attach the settings for my server and the settings for the client I am having this problem.


My guess is it is a Internet client?

So it starts building a incremental image chain (since it backups to VHD and incremental backups are based on the last backup). And once it tries to delete the oldest image backup it needs to delete the other image backups as well, because they are all chained to it. This is a bug… it shouldn’t delete them in this case (I’ll try to reproduce and fix this).

But you should enable full image backups, otherwise you’ll get an infinite incremental image backup chain which can only be deleted all at once (I guess if UrBackup wants to be user friendly it should warn about this too).

Hi uroni, thank you for the quick respond.
Yes, is an Internet client, talking about full backups, I can only keep one because is 200GB and the internet speed is terrible, do you think I could do a temp fix, so I can continue doing incremental backups?
Thank you :wink:

It does synthetic full backups, so it will not transfer the 200GB.

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I am sorry, yes you are right, that is what I will do for now, also If you need me to try something on the client side or server to diagnose the problem, please let me know I will help you as much I can.